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Our coffee plants are the product of years of research and innovation experience to discover and generate powerful varieties for consumers. We have a select portfolio of coffee varieties.


All our coffees are grown in the best conditions of topography, environment and climatic conditions to produce the quality of coffees that we offer to the market.

Cultivation Areas

Based on the experience of years of experimentation, we have located the best soils for each variety linked to the ideal climatic conditions to achieve the production of our selected varieties.


Our farms are located in the heights above sea level ideal in different regions of Colombia, South America. Perfect height to achieve the best development of our varietal plants, with the conditions of humidity and climate accomplices to obtain our select coffees.


Because of the topography, location in the Colombian geography and the height of our farms, our crops are developed at the ideal temperatures for the development of the plants and the production of the best varietal portfolio for our consumers.


Our farms, due to their geographical location and height, receive the ideal amount of rain millimeters to maintain the quality of our plants and generate the coffee beans that allow us to offer high quality coffees.


Our crops are developed in the best conditions of humidity due to the geographical location of our farms where the climatic factors generate the ideal humid environment for the growth and development of the plants.


We apply exclusively the best practices of organic agriculture for the development of our crops. For the processes of harvest, treatment of our grains and storage, we have developed a product of our long experience, innovative processes that allow us to bring the best of our coffees to the consumers.


Result of our Quality processes throughout the life of the crops, we obtain the ideal grains to set up coffees with a wide range of flavors, textures and aromas that allow us to bring to the market one of the best offers in this industry.

Profile Cup

Our coffees offer a special experience of flavors and aromas to enjoy the best cups of special coffee in the world.


"Café Granja la Esperanza" produces with tradition, expertise, experience and best practices varieties of specialty coffees for the most demanding markets. An organization of more than 300 people who, with inspiration and passion, develop their sustainable growth with social responsibility in collaboration with their collaborators, peasant families and associates. An organization committed to harmonious, respectful and synergetic work with the environment.

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