It’s an honor to present Yuri Chipatecua, for approximately two years she has been part of the CGLE family in the role of quality promoter of Hawaii farm. In this role she has specialized in the Mokka variety, this farm is focused only in the production of this cultivar. She is a person that inspires many pickers, also Yuri assumes responsibilities with the necessary commitment, reason why we thank her for being part of our team. We are proud to know that she is fulfilling her dream of studying agronomy and hopes to put all her knowledge inpractice at Hawaii farm, since this place is where she feels at home.

As a quality promoter, she is reponsable to train the coffee pickers to collect the cherries at the maturity that is require for reaching the best quality to be exported. Also, she makes sure that the work of the coffee pickers was well done, validating that no uncollected fruits remain on the trees, and confirm that the harvest has been carried out in an optimal way. Yuri not only makes sure that Mokka cherries are harvested at the ideal time, she also coordinates the process and protocols that should be applied for the Mokka. On the other hand, under the direction of the agricultural engineer, Yuri carries out administrative functions related to agricultural issues, as well she takes care of the batches traceability, and is in charge of the analysis of Mokka crops to identify possible diseases.

Yuri thanks CGLE for the opportunity to work on an innovative project such as #Hawaiithemokkafarm as well as the trust that Café Granja La Esperanza has given her to handle a role with so many responsabilities. Yuri appreciates that during these almost 2 years that she has had the support of the company for continuing her studies. After reflecting on the different things that Yuri has learned during her stay at the company, she emphasizes the challenge that the Mokka variety has represented for her, since it has a special handling due to its characteristics and affirms that thanks to this experience “I’ve reaffirmed my love for agriculture ” – Yuri Chioatecua.